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Meighan grew up on a dairy farm in British Columbia, Canada, where she picked up a diligent work ethic and developed a desire to help other people. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Honors Psychology from Trinity Western University, where she met her husband, Mark, while serving on a missions trip together. Meighan completed her Master’s Degree from Chaminade University in Counseling Psychology, concentrating in Marriage and Family.


Meighan has since been counseling singles, couples, and families both professionally and through her church, New Hope Kailua, where her husband pastors. She has also been teaching Psychology and family-related courses at Pacific Rim Christian University. She has been trained in Dr. John Gottman’s method of research-based couple’s therapy and understands the benefits of having well-processed emotions. Meighan has experience in dealing with loss, grief, anxiety, interpersonal communication, and relationship issues, particularly in the context of marriage and family. She has a heart to mediate family interventions and aid the reconciliation process of broken relationships. She believes in our potential to heal, grow and transform through the healing counseling process.

Meighan is a trained premarital counselor as well, and loves investing in marriages and families to see them flourish. She has a passion to see the home become a place of intimacy, nurturing, and renewal, functioning as a place to launch us into our purpose with confidence. Her desire is to see holistic healing achieved in her clients, with healthy rhythms and boundaries established for long-term success.

Meighan and Mark have a family of their own with three young kids and they reside in Kaneohe.

Please contact Meighan for an appointment at (619) 786-6575 or at HMSA, HMAA, UHA accepted.

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