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Grace to Heal, Change, and Rest

At Paradigm, We Believe …

Grace to Heal, Change and Rest


When we’re hurt … we need healing

When we’re stuck … we need change

When we’re tired … we need rest

Paradigm Hawaii Counseling exists to address these concerns.  Healing, Change, and Rest.  It is our goal to provide careful and compassionate counseling marked by these three experiences.  

And, through it all, it is our hope, our prayer, that the theme will be … Grace.


Genuineness.  Responsiveness.  Acceptance.  Compassion.  Empowerment.  

These are the core values that guide our vision for arriving at more in life.  This is the foundation we seek to build upon.  For where


Grace is, we also believe there is peace, joy, and freedom.

We’re a Christian counseling practice, inspired by the story of Amazing Grace through Jesus.  We’re not interested in judging or controlling.  We are interested in listening and good news.  And ultimately, we believe that Jesus is the Way to lasting healing, change, and rest.

So, if you find you’re hurt, or stuck, or tired … or if you’re caught in one of Life’s storms, we would like to help.  We’d like to be a part of supporting you in finding a way out and open passage to something new.  New ways of seeing, new ways of thinking, new ways of living.  Possibly even a new paradigm altogether.  Towards a brighter future, calmer seas, and gentler shores.

Once again, if this sounds important to you, we’d like to help.  And it would be our privilege to do so.



Inspired by the beautiful Mokulua Islands in Kailua Bay, our logo is intended to be a “picture worth a thousand words.”

The yellow sun represents healing, and also stands for our Christian hope in the gift of Jesus, God’s saving Son.

The blue waters represent change, and the transforming power of courage and creativity.

The green mountains depict the islands themselves, places of stability, security, and rest.  

In addition, when rotated to a vertical position, the islands take on a double-meaning, forming the notation commonly used in music to show a quarter rest.  In this rotation is accomplished a sort of miniature  paradigm shift.

And finally, the whole graphic, intentionally greater than the sum of the parts, depicts the unifying strength of Grace.  

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